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District 33Y District Cabinet
for 2017 - 2018
Last Updated Sep. 3, 2017
All State Band
PDG Greg Prentice, Cummington Lions

Centennial Committee
IPDG Mary Brittain, Lee Lions

PDG Don Clark, Pelham Lions

Constitution & By-Laws

Diabetes Awareness
Chairperson: PCST Sara Adams, Williamsburg Lions

Environment Photo Contest
Merri Seidl, Hinsdale Lions

Eyeglass Collection
(Go to Recycling webpage)
PCC Paul and Ann Snow, Hinsdale Lions

ZC Eric Patrick, Hatfield Lions

Global Leadership

Global Membership Team (GMT)
IPDG Linda Carr, Southwick Lions

Global Service

Guiding Lions
Richard Lanier, Agawam Lions
Thomas Bankman, Northampton Lions
PCST Claudette Placzek, Springfield 16 Acres Lions
PDG Roger Jones, Agawam Lions
Honorary Advisors
PDG Pam Hodgkins, Deerfield Lions
PDG2 Roger Jones, Agawam Lions

Information Technology
Richard Lanier, Agawam Lions

International Convention
IPDG Bob and Maddie Richards, Huntington Lions

International Relations
PCST CLaudette Placzek, Springfield 16 Acres

PDG Roger Jones, Agawam Lions

Massachusetts Lions
District 33Y
PZC David Shields, Charlemont Lions

Leo Chairperson
Tammie Shafer, Adams Lions

Lioness Advocates
Beverly Tetreault, Agawam Lioness
Barbara Thomas, Hampen Lions

Long Range Planning
PDG Greg Prentice, Cummington Lions


Mid-Winter Conference Committee
(go to Midwinter Webpage)
Linda Berry, Pelham Lions

MyLion Coordinator

Nominations / Credentials
PCC Jean Martin, Northampton Lions

Organ Donation Awareness (LODA)
PCC Jean W. Martin, Northampton Lions

Peace Poster Contest
(go to Peace Poster webpage)
Kathleen Carlson, Lions

PDG Roger Jones, Agawam Lions Club

State Convention
Pat Pooler,

USA/Canada Forum
Julia Durchanek,

Richard Lanier, Agawam Lions

Youth Exchange
PZC Tom Cocchi, Springfield 16 Acres
Pam Krynicki, Southwick Lions
David Shields, Charlemont Lions

Youth Speech Committee
(Go to Youth Speech web page)
PDG Pam Hodgkins, Deerfield Lions