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Recycling Locations
The Story of Recycling in Western Massachusetts
What your Club can do to help
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Last Updated Jan. 22, 2017
Leverett Town Hall, Montague Rd.
(by Pelham Lions Club)

Big Y World Class Markets, 679 Bliss Rd.
Brightwood Hardware housewares, 794 Williams
Specs Perry, 809 Williams St.
Visions of Longmeadow, 471 Longmeadow St.
(by Longmeadow Lions Club)

Ludlow Big Y
(by Ludlow Lions Club )

North Adams
Moulton's Spectacle Shoppe, 115 Main St.
(by North Adams Lions Club )

Balin Eyecare, 269 Locust St.

Edwards Church of Northampton, 297 Main St.
Everything Optical, 104 Main St.
Greenfield Savings Bank, 325 King St.
Ken's Eye Wear, 152 N. King St.
Northampton Eye Physicians, 51 Locust St.
Northampton Recycle Center, 125 Locust St.
St. John's Episcopal Church, 48 Elm St.
The Hospice Shop, 18 Bridge St.
Vision Associates of Northampton, 78 Main St.,
World War II Club, 50 Conz St.
(by Northampton Lions Club)

Dulong & Labbee Real Estate, 285 N. King St.
(by Hatfield Lions Club)

(by Pelham Lions Club)

Berkshire Eye Center
Post Office
Optical Care Associates
Lion Gary Lewis (413) †448-2855
(by Pittsfield Lions Club)

Call Lion Alice Liebonow, 413-743-54346, for
pick up in Savoy, Cummington or Plainfield
(by Cummington†Lions Club)

Savoy Senior Center
Savoy Hollow General Store
Call Lion Alice Liebonow, 413-743-54346, for
pick up in Savoy, Cummington or Plainfield
(by Cummington Lions Club)

Southampton Post Office, 8 Pomeroy Meadow
Easthampton Savings Bank, 134 College
Southampton Optical, 15B College Hwy.
Edwards Public Library, 30 East St.† MAP
(by Southampton Lions Club)

South Deerfield
So. Deerfield Post Office, Sugarloaf St.
(by Deerfield Lions Club)

South Hadley
Egg & I Restaurant, Main St.
South Hadley Town Hall, Main St.
Main Library, 2 CanalSt.
Gaylord Memorial Library, Rt. 116
South Hadley Senior Center, Dayton St.
Peoples Bank, Newton St.
ELNK, 7 Gaylord St.
Center Eye Care (Dr. Steve Markow), Hadley St.
Loomis Village, N. Main St.
Big Y† World Class Market, Rte. 33
(by South Hadley Lions Club)

Byron/Keenan Funeral Home, 1858 Allen St.
Forastiere Funeral Home
Sampson's Funeral Home
Hafey Funeral Home, Belmont Ave.
Optical Expressions, Allen St.
(by Hampden Lions Club)

Walmart, Boston Rd.
Walmart, 141 Springfield Rd.
Riverbend† Optical, 305 Bicentennial Hwy.
Bay State Optical, Bicentennial Hwy.
Edmund Opticians, 1223 Sumner Ave
Papale Eye Center, 1515 Allen St.
Sixteen Acres Optical, Wilbraham Road
Dr. Botnick, Eye Associates, Mercy Campus
Medical Center, 300 Stafford St.
(by Springfield 16 Acres Lions Club)

Turners Falls
Barber Shop
(by Montague-Erving Lions Club)

Turners Falls Post Office, Avenue A
(by Greenfield Lions Club)

Legacy Funeral Home
(by Hampden Lions Club)

West Springfield
Curran-Jones Funeral Home, 109 Main St.
(by West Springfield Lions Club)

Russo Opticians, Westfield St.
Pioneer Eye Care, Westfield St.
Agawam Lions Club, Big E
(by Agawam Lions Club)

Wilbraham Public Library, 25 Crane Park Dr.
Wilbraham Town Hall, 240 Springfield St.
Wilbraham Post Office, Boston Rd.
(by Wilbraham Lions Club)

Wilbraham Spectacle Shop, Boston Rd.
(by Springfield 16 Acres)

Florence Savings Bank
Williamsburg Pharmacy
(by Williamsburg Lions Club )

Friendly Fred's
(by Cummington Lions Club)
Southgate Package Store, 842 Suffield St.
Agawam Opticians, 338Walnut St.
Geissler's Supermarket, 820 Suffield St.
Westfield Bank, 655 Main St.†
Agawam Senior Center, 954 Main St.†
Agawam Congregational Church, 745 Main St.
Atrium at Cardinal Drive, 153 Cardial Dr.
Pam Savioli, Carlson GMAC, 723 Main St.
Agawam Town Hall, 36Main St.
(by Agawam Lions Club)

Nolan's Neighbors Convenience Store, 244 Main
(by Ashfield Lions Club )

Vision Showcase
(by Ashfield Lions Club )

Charlemont Charlemont Post Office, Main St.
(by Charlemont Lions Club )

Paul Deame
Cheshire Post Office
(by Cheshire Lions Club)

Chicopee Council on Aging,†7 Valley View Ct.
(by Holyoke Lions Club)
Chicopee Senior Center, RiverMill Center
Moose Lodge, Fuller Rd.
(by South Hadley Lions Club)

Walmart, Memorial Dr.
Ken's Eyewear, 12 Hamburg St.
Goodwill, Front St.
(by Springfield 16 Acres Lions Club)

Pizza By Bob, 337 Berkshire Trail (Rt. 112)
Call Lion Alice Liebonow, 413-743-54346, for
pick up in Savoy, Cummington or Plainfield
(by Cummington†Lions Club)

Easthampton Post Office,†19 Union St.
Big E's Foodland,†11 Union St. †
Easthampton Council on Aging,†19 Union St.††
(by Easthampton Lions Club)

Dostal Eye Care, 250 Northampton St.
(by Northampton Lions Club)

East Longmeadow
Ken's Eyewear, 426 N Main St.
East Longmeadow Public Library, 60 Center Sq.
East Longmeadow Post Office, 119 Industrial Dr.
Hafey's Funeral Home, 120 Shaker Rd.
Eyewear Specialists, 37 Maple St.
(by East Longmeadow Lions Club)

Florence Optician, 78 Maple St.
Valley Optical, 70 Main St.
(by Northampton Lions Club)

Spruce Corner Restaurant, 188 Berkshire Trail
(Rt. 112)
(by Cummington†Lions Club)

Center Pharmacy, 242 State St.
Dressel's Service Station, 161 W. State St.
(by Granby Lions Club)

Granville Post Office, Main Rd. (Route 57)
(by Granville-Tolland Lions Club)

Great Barrington
Ward's Nursery Garden Center,† 600 Main St
(by Great Barrington Lions Club)

Greenfield Post Office, 442 Main St. Greenfield †
Dillon Chevrolet, Main St.
(by Deerfield Lions Club)

Easthampton Savings Bank, 100 East St.
at Town Meeting and Polling Location
Hadley Lions Club
Vision Showcase, †359 Russel St.
(by Pelham Lions Club)

Hampden Hardware Store, 478 Main St.
Hampden Senior Center, 104 Allen St.†
Hampden Town Library, 625 Main St.
Village Food Mart, Somers Rd.
Hampden Minimall
Rick Green Insurance, Somers Rd.
(by Hampden Lions Club)

Haydenville COA Lunchroom, 141 Main St. †
(by Williamsburg Lions Club)

Massachusetts Rehabilitation
Commission,Holyoke Office, 187 High Street
Holyoke Lions Club
Highland Laundry, 504 Pleasant St.
The Spectacle Shoppe of Holyoke, 200 High St.
United Cooperative Bank, 1830 Northampton St.†
Holyoke Opticians
(by Holyoke Lions Club)
Holyoke Senior Center, 291 Pine St.
Holyoke YMCA, 171 Pine St.
(by South Hadley Lions Club)

Hinsdale Post Office, 25 Maple St.
Hinsdale Community Building
(by Hinsdale Lions Club)

Lee Post Office
(by Lee Lions Club )

Pittsfield Post Office †
(by Pittsfield Lions Club)
Helen Keller addressed the Lions International Convention in 1925 and asked the Lions to be "Knights of the Blind in the
Crusade against Darkness." This cause has been taken up wholeheartedly by the Lions of the world. Blindness prevention
and sight conservation has been a main goal in Lions activities ever since. We provide money for eyeglasses, for research
into the causes of blindness, and for services to the visually impaired.

An effort is made by the Lions of the world to recycle used eyeglasses. Many of the clubs of District 33Y have regular
locations for the general public to leave their old, unused eyeglasses for recycling. Most recycled eyeglasses are reused in
third world countries. The eyeglasses collected by the clubs of District 33Y are read to obtain the prescription and
packaged for transport. Approximately once a year, volunteers travel to a Third World Nation (Honduras, Ecuador etc.) to
disburse the glasses after patients are tested.

The eyeglasses you no longer need could help a grandfather clearly see his granddaughter for the first time, could help a
young boy or girl learn to read because he/she can see the letters for the first time, could allow a mother to give her children
freer range because she can see their activities better. All this, and more can happen because you took those dust
collecting old glasses to a Lions recycling bin.
Since 1994, District 33Y has processed an estimated 90,000 pairs of glasses. Over the years, we have changed our
procedures many times. We started out sending all of our glasses to MMI (Medical Missions International) who had a
warehouse in Miami, Fl. from which they sent all the glasses to their processing center in the Dominion Republic.

When MMI schedules an eye mission in one of the 15 to 25 countries that they service, they randomly select 5,000 pair of
glasses all cleaned, read, bagged and sorted ready for dispensing and located by computer in their separate containers.
MMI also maintains an active eye clinic in Santo Domingo, where they dispense glasses all year.

In approximately 1996 we started to support Dr. John Galt. He was a member of MMI and was leading eye missions to
Ecuador, but could not get the glasses that MMI sent through customs. To get the glasses through customs, we starting
sorting the good glasses we received. After washing and packing them for eyeglass reading sessions at Dr Galtís office,
we had to read the prescription, record those numbers on cards, place in plastic snap bags, then sort by positive or
negative, single lens or bifocal and put into 6 different strength groups for each category, for ease in dispensing. Dr. Galt
had his workers hand carry all the glasses into Ecuador as luggage. Total glasses by year: 1996 - 5,119, 1997 - 5,487,
1998 - 6,103, 1999 - 1,650. Unfortunately in 1999, Dr. Galtís wife became seriously ill and he retired.

In 2000, Joanne Foreman, a missionary working in Honduras was referred to us. She needed low power, positive type
glasses with a bifocal add of 2 or more. We sorted out 850 pairs and processed them like we did Dr. Galt's.

In 2001, the Berkshire Mission Group approached us; a group associated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church in
Berkshire, Ma. to provide glasses for their Medical and Construction missions. They traveled to a large island off Honduras
and we processed approx. 1,570 pair of single lens and readers that they dispensed while building a school and a

This year, the Berkshire Mission Group is going to a village named La Colonia Mixta, which is near the city of El Neba in
the Dominion Republic, early in Feb. We have been sorting glasses all year, and have cleaned, read, etc. 500 pair of
readers, and about 2,200 pair of single type lens (mostly positive). The Berkshire Mission Group does not have a
professional orthoptic person to aid in dispensing the glasses, so we sort out the high cylinder glasses (per Dr. Galt's
suggestion). Also, this group is taking all the sunglasses we get. Prior to this, we had no use for the sunglasses. We gave
them about 300 pairs of sunglasses to see how it goes. When they get back we will have a better idea of the value of
recycling sunglasses.

Around 2001, after Dr. Galt stopped going to Equator, we started supporting Dr. Lynde Kimbal, an optometrist working in
Battleboro, Vt., who was supported by the Vermont Lions Clubs. We sort out a particular type that he wants, which have to
be clean and fairly new, (no tri-focal, high power, or high cylinder). Dr. Kimbal and his wife go on two or three eye missions
per year to Honduras. The glasses that we donate go to the Bennington Lions, who check them over, clean them, and
forward them to a group of school children (Lions Quest) who do an additional sort - adult and children. The doctor sorts,
reads, bags and packs during the summer months. Last year, we gave the Bennington Lions 14 boxes of glasses weighting
about 340 pounds, and this year we have sent 5 boxes weighting 124 pounds.

For the many thousands of glasses that do not fit the categories we are looking for, we box and ship in bulk to various
locations. From 1995-2002, we shipped 371 boxes weighing 9,377 pounds. For the first 7 years, we shipped to the MMI
warehouse in Miami, Fl. This center was moved to McAllen, Texas and in May 2002, we started sending our unwanted
glasses to a NJ Lions regional collection center in West Trenton maintained by Katzenbach School for the Deaf. The Lions
prepare the glasses like we do and provide a large quantity to any organization that requests them formally and ships them
directly to the mission site. So far we have shipped 15 boxes weighting 360 pounds to the NJ site.

The first task in eyeglass recycling is obviously collection. Paul Deame, PDG Paul Snow, Ann Snow and Gary Lewis act as
a central collection point for the eyeglasses that the clubs collect. They then discard all empty and broken frames, and
scratched lenses. A lot of the work is done at work-bees. We use 10 to 15 workers for about 3 1/2 hours at each work bee.
We have conducted about 20 sessions over the years. Dr. Galt provided the facilities and professional advice. We ship via
UPS to Miami.

The few hearing aids we get we either ship to a firm in Colorado or take to a department in the Berkshire Medical Center
Eyeglass Recycling in Western Massachusetts
Lions Recycling Locations in Western Massachusetts
Massachusetts Lions
District 33Y
District 33Y Eyeglass Recycling
What can your club do to help?

* Have eyeglass collection locations in your city or town.

* Sort through the ones you collect and discard the broken and empty frames.

* Count the number of eyeglasses you turn over and report this on you monthly activity report.
(Lions International wants this number on your Annual Report.)

* Label the boxes you turn in with your club name.