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Last Updated Aug. 14, 2010
Massachusetts Lions
District 33Y
District 33Y EyeMobile Reservation Form
Reserving the EyeMobile, as easy as 1 - 2 3- 3:

Step 1: Ensure the EyeMobile is available for the the Date(s) you want it: Check the EyeMobile calendar at

Step 2: Arrange for a driver for the day(s) in question. (No
Driver - No Reservation.) It is the responsibility of the reserving club to arrange a driver for the EyeMobile from the list of
qualified drivers.

Step 3: Submit the following Reservation Request Form. As an alternative, you can download a paper reservation form
to mail in: or

If you don't hear back within a couple of days, contact the EyeMobile Board at
This page is for use by Lions, Lioness, and Leos Clubs of District 33Y to reserve the EyeMobile for events. All other should
contact their local Lions. Lioness or Leo Clubs regarding the use of the EyeMobile at functions.

Have questions? Download and read our FAQ

For other questions regarding the EyeMobile, contact the EyeMobile Board: