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Maroon Blazers - A source of State Uniform jackets

Orthoptic Clinic Records - Where former patients can obtain their records

Family Dues - Reduced dues available to family members

Multiple District Flags - contact if you need state and country flags

Media contacts - an Excel spreadsheet of Media contacts for your press releases

Y.A.N.K.S. - Ever wonder how our sub districts got their letter designations?

Maroon Blazers
A source of maroon blazers, for the Masssachusett Lions State uniform, are available at the website of at The wesite has them as the color as burgundy. (Added Mar. 10, 2014)

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Lions Orthoptic Clinic Records

The District 33Y Lions Orthoptic Clinic closed its doors after serving Western Massachusetts for over 50 years.

Shelley Klein Weiss, our former Orthoptian, can be contacted at Tufts, New England Eye Center, 800 Washington Ave., Box 450, Boston, MA 02111, 617-636-6769.

The records of former patients can be obtained by contacting PDG Jean W. Martin at 172 Hope St., Greenfield, MA 01301, 413-774-5925 or . Please download the authorization form , complete, and mail to the address indicated, or scan the signed document and email it to the email address indicated, to have your records transferred. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the records to be transferred. (Added Jan. 18, 2011)

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Family Dues Structure

The Lions Clubs International Family Dues Initiative started in January 2007. Read more about it on the Lions International Website.

Lions Clubs International has reduced the dues charged to clubs by 1/2 for the second through fourth Lions living at the same address. (This change does not effect the District 33Y or the Multiple District dues each club pays on behalf of its members. It's up to the club to decide what they will do with their own dues structure.) You can download the Certification Form there: (Added Jul. 25, 2010)

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State and Country Flags Location

Over the years, Multiple District 33 has purchased many flags of countries, states and geographical areas in which Lions are active. We also have some other flags relative to Lions. These flags are available to Lions, Lioness and Leo clubs for use in parades, at anniversary parties and other events the clubs wish to have them at. This is the source of the flags we use at the Big E Parade, at Midwinter and at the State Convention.

Bryan Murphy of the Woburn Host Lions Club has taken over the task of storing the flags. Any club that wishes to use the flags should contact him. His contact information is of the Woburn Host Lions Club, PO Box 316, Woburn MA 01801. Woburn Lions Tel: (781) 933-8297 weekdays 9 AM - 4 PM or answering machine 24/7, Fax (781_ 933-2099 (24/7). There is information on this on the WOburn Lions Club's web site:

There are many geographic areas for which we do not yet have the flags. For anyone wishing to purchase a flag for the Multiple District, the cost is $210.00 for an in-stock flag and $250.00 for a custom flag. (A stock flag means a flag that is in stock and standard design; a custom flag means the flag needs to be custom made due to color and design.)

Many 33Y clubs and persons have purchased flags in the past. The donor's name will be documented on the flag pole. When an International Director from that area is in office, that flag is displayed at our state convention and the name of the donor announced during the flag ceremony. (Updated May 29, 2011)

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Media Contact Information

PDG Pamela Hodgkins has provided us with an excel spreadsheet that is a very complete listing of all the media addresses for our area. Feel free to use them to get your club information out to the public. You can download the list by clicking on this link: (22 Kb) (Added Jul . 18, 2005)

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Y.A.N.K.S - How it came to be

PDG2 Jean W. Martin has gotten onto the trail of the naming of our sub districts after receiving the question: " How did our districts get the Y-A-N-K-S designations? Here is her answer, thanks to the help of PID John Hoyle and PID L. Doug Sime:

Prior to 1949 the state of Massachusetts had 3 districts: A, B, C.

At the 1949 State Convention, held in Magnolia, MA., June 17 - 19, a resolution proposing the division of District 33 into five sub districts, to be known as Y-A-N-K-S was adopted. YANKS was first used as a description for patriots in the revolution, then it became a sort of term of endearment. Since this change was just after World War II, the word YANKS was a popular slang word for American Troops serving in Europe, and since we now had 5 districts, we needed names for our districts, and Wendell Ring of Leicester, MA proposed the names Y-A-N-K-S.

And, it was voted that way. So that's the story, and we're sticking to it. (Added Jun. 23, 2004)

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