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This Foundation was incorporated in 1973 by then District Governor Charles DeAngelus.  The purpose is to help low income people living within District 33Y to obtain eyeglasses, hearing aids or aid in helping with sight or hearing problems that no one Club within the District could financially afford.  All money donated to the Foundation, with the exception of postage and/or paper supplies, is used in District 33Y to help people who are applying to the Fund for assistance.


Since its inception, the Emergency Sight & Hearing Treatment Fund has handled over 1,600 cases and has awarded more than $500,000 in aid money.


Any club or person who donates $500 within a year is entitled to receive a Charles J. DeAngelus Fellowship Plaque, dedicated to the founder of the Fund.  Please contact the Treasurer, Marlene DeAngelus, with the name to be inscribed on the plaque and when the plaque will be presented.


Emergency Sight & Hearing meets once every three months at the Hinsdale Lions Community Building in Hinsdale on Sundays at 2 pm.  Please contact individual Lions Clubs for the Emergency Sight and Hearing application.


Officers for 2019-2020


Co-chairpersons: PDG Roger Jones             413-786-4183 

                         DG Jeff Turner                 413-442-5985

Secretary:          DG Jeff Turner                 413-442-5985

Treasurer:          CST Marlene DeAngelus    413-329-3273


3 Year Directors: Pat DeMars, Dick Pond, Jim Allen

2 Year Directors: Beverly Grady, Gary Lewis, Alice Liebenow, PDG Greg Prentice

1 Year Directors: Belinda Davilli, John DeMars