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Mass Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc.

PDG Dr. James Roth, Treasurer

43 Stewart Terrace

Belmont, MA 02478


Dennis Fountain, IPDG

Council Chairperson

7 Ruggles Court 01080-1137

Three Rivers, MA



LCIF is our foundation and supports Lions’ humanitarian projects locally and throughout the world. Here in our own District 33Y,  LCIF helped fund recovery and aid during Hurricane Irene among others.

The foundation is here to help Lions carry out large-scale projects or initiatives that clubs can’t easily fund on their own.  LCIF supports several core areas which align with Lions ideals.  Our foundation provides support following natural disasters such as hurricanes, cyclones and floods.  Other core areas of support include preserving sight, combating disability, promoting health and serving youth. 

We play a unique role that is different from other NGOs.  While other organizations come into a community for a designated period and implement a project or provide assistance, Lions implementing our programs are residents and have a long-term investment in making the community stronger.  We are still there long after the others have departed.  That is unique and special and something few others can offer.

I’m not going to ask you to raise your hand but how many of you made a gift to a charitable organization last year?  My guess is, most of you.  Now, how many of you made a personal gift to LCIF – your foundation?  It supports your community, provides sight, supports youth…all things Lions are passionate about.

This year, my goal is for our district to receive the LCIF Certificate of Appreciation. To qualify, every club must make a donation to LCIF.

LCIF is supported by the generosity of Lions, our friends and partners, not by any of our membership fees.    Our foundation was ranked as the #1 NGO with which to partner by an outside organization.  That is an outstanding endorsement of the success we achieve.  I hope you are proud of this work and wish to support the many great programs that will be accomplished in the months and years to come.

You and your clubs can help support Lions’ projects all over the world through giving to LCIF. If you currently support LCIF, thank you.  If you have never made a gift to the foundation, I would encourage you to consider LCIF.